POETRY: Amethyst by Beau William Beakhouse

Beau William Beakhouse is a writer currently residing in Cardiff. Having dropped out of university in response to its systemic, limited way of teaching the arts, he now co-edits Lumin and intends to start his own creative space. He is particularly interested in metaphysics, spirituality, mystery and art, and has been published in Tŷ Celf, Quench Magazine … Continue reading POETRY: Amethyst by Beau William Beakhouse

POETRY: Four Walls And A Window by Jacob Mackenzie

Jacob Mackenzie is a Cardiff based writer and graduate of Cardiff University, who hopes to continue penning poems about life, death, and everything inbetween. There’s an Ikea chair facing the window, staring gently at the world without sun. It wakes up in greys and falls asleep in dark, painfully aware of clichés. It hit me … Continue reading POETRY: Four Walls And A Window by Jacob Mackenzie

ART: Zena Blackwell

Zena Blackwell is a Cardiff-based artist and mother of two. She lived in London for 19 years before returning home to Cardiff two years ago. Whilst in London, she co-founded and co-promoted the critically acclaimed live music and party night Club Motherfucker and DJ'd around the world. She is returning to painting and drawing after … Continue reading ART: Zena Blackwell

Open or Closed? Allen Ginsberg and William F. Buckley Jr.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBpoZBhvBa4 This is Ginsberg’s appearance on William F. Buckley Jr’s debate programme ‘Firing Line’. And there is a warning here about wrapping yourself in rational debate, as I am about to do. Ginsberg comes onto a programme to try to spread his message about state violence, media, hypocrisy and human freedom, and the kind of … Continue reading Open or Closed? Allen Ginsberg and William F. Buckley Jr.

ART: Tripp by Alex Stewart

Alex Stewart is a photographer and filmmaker based in Cardiff. More of his work can be found at alexstewart.co or on his instagram: @thatalexstewart. I first met Tripp through a mutual friend in New York. He was introduced to me as ‘the happiest guy in New York’, and it didn’t take me long to realise … Continue reading ART: Tripp by Alex Stewart

LUMIN RADIO: June playlist

This month's playlist gets more shamanic and mysterious. Featuring artists such as Pink Floyd, The Doors, Black Sabbath, Alice Coltrane, PJ Harvey & Moodoid, as well as some spoken word pieces by Charles Olson and Terence McKenna. We now also have a free download for both playlists so that you can listen without Spotify, which … Continue reading LUMIN RADIO: June playlist