LUMIN RADIO: July playlist

This month's playlist shifts tone, moving to spacey electronic transcendent spheres in past and present and then to a purely electronic future. Here is the free download. Image: Intake - Bridget Riley


ART: Zena Blackwell

Zena Blackwell is a Cardiff-based artist and mother of two. She lived in London for 19 years before returning home to Cardiff two years ago. Whilst in London, she co-founded and co-promoted the critically acclaimed live music and party night Club Motherfucker and DJ'd around the world. She is returning to painting and drawing after … Continue reading ART: Zena Blackwell

Open or Closed? Allen Ginsberg and William F. Buckley Jr. This is Ginsberg’s appearance on William F. Buckley Jr’s debate programme ‘Firing Line’. And there is a warning here about wrapping yourself in rational debate, as I am about to do. Ginsberg comes onto a programme to try to spread his message about state violence, media, hypocrisy and human freedom, and the kind of … Continue reading Open or Closed? Allen Ginsberg and William F. Buckley Jr.

ART: Tripp by Alex Stewart

Alex Stewart is a photographer and filmmaker based in Cardiff. More of his work can be found at or on his instagram: @thatalexstewart. I first met Tripp through a mutual friend in New York. He was introduced to me as ‘the happiest guy in New York’, and it didn’t take me long to realise … Continue reading ART: Tripp by Alex Stewart

LUMIN RADIO: June playlist

This month's playlist gets more shamanic and mysterious. Featuring artists such as Pink Floyd, The Doors, Black Sabbath, Alice Coltrane, PJ Harvey & Moodoid, as well as some spoken word pieces by Charles Olson and Terence McKenna. We now also have a free download for both playlists so that you can listen without Spotify, which … Continue reading LUMIN RADIO: June playlist

POETRY: A Symphony of Bones by Connor van Bussel

Connor van Bussel is a writer born in Devon but residing in Cardiff. After graduating from Cardiff University in 2017 he hopes to one day become a full-time writer, specialising in horror and fantasy novels. His first poetry publication was in 2016 in Tŷ Celf and he hopes to continue to write poetry. I dreamt … Continue reading POETRY: A Symphony of Bones by Connor van Bussel

LUMIN RADIO: May playlist

LUMIN RADIO is Lumin’s outlet for sharing expansive, freethinking music. We’re creating playlists each month, starting with our May playlist. Have a listen on our Spotify playlist below, or use our download link. Image: Georgia O’Keeffe’s Jack-in-the-Pulpit No. IV Or download here if you're listening without Spotify: